Living in Nanjing

living in nanjingLiving in Nanjing is an exciting venture. Nanjing, or Nanking as it is written in Nanjing postal code, boasts a booming population, fabulous weather, and a bustling night life.

The Nanjing postal code is located in the Lower Yangtze River Valley and is part of the Yangtze River Delta economic zone. Nanjing not only was the capital of China several times, but living there is much like living in the capital of China with its bustling city streets. It is the second largest commerce center in China, second only to Shanghai.

The urban population is over 6.25 million people. That makes living in the postal code a pretty lively adventure. Along with being an economic and cultural center for the Far East, Nanjing China is also a hub of activity for education, research, transportation, and tourism throughout history. Nanjing economy doesn’t just rely on tourism to the postal code. The economy today is the same as many major urban centers with large China populations like it has, with Nanjing economy focusing on five main areas including electronics, cars, petrochemical, iron, and steel.

Nanjing weather is comprised of a mostly subtropical and humid environment. The weather in Nanjing China enjoys four distinct seasons and is influenced heavily by the Asian monsoons. The weather is very hot in the summer with rainfall occuring virtually year-round. Average temperature in the postal code during the summer months is 90 with an average temperature in the winter months of 45. Nanjing China weather brings rain over 175 days out of the year, with people living in the postal code seeing approximately 43 inches of rain a year.